Saturday, November 04, 2006

Rules or No Rules?
We've had a lot of discussion about rules this week. Do rules spoil any chance of fun, or will having some ensure that things are shared equally onthe island, and everyone has a chance to survive? Does it matter if a few boys eat all the Tunnocks Tea-Cakes? The Glenzier children decided on the need for the island children to have some 'not-so-strict' rules. They also decided the children should feel free to play whenever they wanted, unless they were supposed to be hunting for food.
They also wrote some wonderful, evocative pieces about what the first night on the island was like. Most of them have a few lines in Chapter 3, describing the sensations, and they have also contributed to what happens next.
Then we discussed leaders. Should leaders be good-looking, good at sports and popular, or good at listening and able to work in a team? Or all of these? We're now looking at which characters in the story we would want to be our own leaders.


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