Monday, October 30, 2006

The children decide...
The Glenzier class have taken my Chapter 1 and are running with it. They created a cast of characters for me to work with, from red-haired Scarlet who likes nothing more than causing chaos, to the fair-skinned twins whose skills at cooking may come in handy once the children have speared a few fish.

The class are looking at how the characters in the story make decisions, but they are also making decisions about the story themselves in pairs and groups and as a class. They voted on the first decision the children on the island take - they are hot, they need to discuss what to do next. So what do they do? Get in the sea. The choice of location for a meeting may not have been the best one.

On the other hand the class have made some wise choices about what the children really need if they're going to survive, once they'd got beyond the initial cravings for chips and chocolate.


At 1:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

heya i love your sroies im 12 yrs old and i foun this by fiddling around wtith google xx i thik its great keep it goin yew should get it published xx lots of love jade


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